Park(ing) Day - Calgary Alberta Association of Landscape Architect’s PARK(ing) Day grant recipient

Rhino, Ps, woodworking

Team Members:
Vivian Ton
Davin Cheng  

The Sleepwalk reminisces on the state of being in-between: slumber and wakefulness, interior and exterior, fiction and reality. Within the distorted house-like structure, pedestrians are invited to explore beauty in the mundane – to walk, to sit, and ponder in this strange garden.

Flowing sheer curtains add a kaleidoscopic coloured filter to the experience, while kinetically responding to the environment. Large mirrored partitions highlight the surrounding site. Abstract, Matisse-inspired cut-outs of plants and objects enliven the space, while painted tree stumps offer a place to rest.

A place to imagine other worlds with a childlike wonder,where things are exactly not as they seem.


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