Feelings of outsideness are commonplace now in our growing cities and globalizing world. The increasing chaos we experience results in our ever increasing alienation from one another, leaving us feeling strange even if we have never even left our hometowns. Perhaps we are unable to keep up with or accept the ever evolving city, we find ourselves trapped in online personas, or the people which once grounded us have since left. Maybe we are new and are having a difficult time adjusting to our environment, the gap only growing as we struggle to adapt. Whatever the reason, it is not enough to simply exist in one place, while longing for another.

We continue to see less and less distinct spaces in our cities due to the general disregard of place in favour of standardization and status quo. Increased homogenization, and focus on the masses (mass culture, mass communication) has resulted in increased anonymity, and exchangability. How can you place value and meaning in “home” when community and refuge have disappeared?


Rhino, Ai, Ps

Graham Livesey


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