The fluidity of digital mediums in architecture present themselves in the following drawings. Moving between meshes, lines, and digital representations of existing mountains (in this case, Mt.Elbrus), questions what new types of architecture and architectural forms can emerge. As we switch back and forth between strategies of computation, architectural volumes become increasingly more vivid. Simultaneously, a form of information degradation occurs to help reveal these outcomes. The movement between modelling software and the filtering we do in our own perception become tools in carving away a final form. Digital and information degradation becomes a metaphor for inevitable erosion on a mountain.

The process of modelling Mt. Elbrus resulted in a thorough understanding of the various peaks, creases, patches of forest, and streams of water. How are elements of a mountain perceived through our eyes and ultimately the digital lens? Through various methods of digital representation, what data is lost? And as a result, what new readings come out of it?


Blender, Rhino, Grasshopper, Ai

Dan Hapton
Matt Parker

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